Offroad Babes Official was started in June 2021. The goal of the brand was to create trendy and wearable branded clothing for women in the offroad industry. Empowering and supporting women has always been our main focus. After 6 months the brand really took off and we decided to do something bigger. We wanted to be more than just a clothing company, we wanted to help the strong women who have supported and built the brand to what it is.

In December of 2021, we opened our 'GIRL TALK' portal, where women can vent and share their struggles freely with no judgement. We are not licensed professionals, however we want women to feel heard. 'GIRL TALK' is a safe mental health talk space where you can annonoymously submit your thoughts that you cannot say outloud.
As a DV and SA survior who still struggles with mental health challenges today, I wish I had a resource like this to talk freely with someone who gets it.  

To access GIRL TALK -

With being advocates for women's mental health, we also urge you to send donations to The Women's Shelter in Columbia, SC. Each quarter, we will be donating 5% of our quarterly sales to The Women's Shelter.